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Lawrence and Melissa McGuire

Co-Founders and Leaders

Lawrence and Melissa McGuire are the co-founders and leaders of Relentless Warriors Legacy.  They have been married for over 20 years and have 3 boys.  Their family has been at RFA for over 3 years.  Lawrence is part of our HonorBound Men’s Ministry and is an Usher.  Melissa does all our social media, works in our sound booth, and participates in the Women’s Ministry and Women’s Sunday School class.  PTSD is something that Lawrence and Melissa have lived with PTSD for over 19 years.


Relentless Warriors Legacy, RWL for short, is a PTSD Support Ministry that is geared toward helping those with PTSD.  Lawrence and Melissa’s main focus is showing that people can have successful relationships and marriages even with PTSD.  They  work with individuals who have PTSD, grief, anxiety and depression.  The two speak to others telling their testimony in hopes to show others that you can live and thrive with PTSD.

Peer Led Support Groups

for men and women

RWL men meet on the first Tuesday of every month and the RWL women meet on the second Tuesday of every month.  These meets are confidential and give a safe and loving place for people to open up about what they are going though.  These are peer lead groups.  

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