Connect. It’s what God wants to do. Connect with us. It’s what He wants us to do, as well. Connect with Him. Connect with each other.

It’s what He has always wanted to do. He walked in garden in the cool of the day to connect with Adam and Eve. Their disobedience to God’s one command to not eat the fruit from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil—their sin—drove a wedge between Holy God and the now sinful people.

Jesus was put to death on the Cross to pay for our disobedience—our sin—so that we could once again
connect with God. And with each other.

RFA is all about learning to connect. With God in our worship. With each other through our fellowships and gatherings. In Discipleship and Sunday School where we learn how to connect with those with whom we go to school, work with, or live near.

Connect. It’s what we at RFA want to do. With our God, with our RFA family. And with you. Our prayer is that you would want to connect with us, too. More importantly, though, that you connect with God.

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